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E-zines from Graphic Words - keep in touch with your market in a cost-effective, stylish and memorable way.E-zines and E-mailers

E-mail newsletters ("e-zines") help you to stay in touch with your
clients and potential customers - so they will keep coming back
to you.

They are a quick, effective and economical method of communicating
your messages, so you can use them more often than paper equivalents
and keep your contacts reminded about you and your services
and products.

And because they are less expensive to create and distribute, you
can tailor your e-zines and e-mailers more closely to the interests
of specific customer sectors - making them more likely to respond
and act on your message.

We can create custom-designed e-mailers for you to use as part of an e-marketing campaign, or to distribute news and details of forthcoming events. Or we can provide you with a customised e-zine format which can be updated and distributed to your contacts on a regular basis.

E-mailer from Graphic Words  - keep in touch with your clients and members with a customised message E-zines from Graphic Words - keep in regular touch with all your contacts

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