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The Drakes Trail - walking and cycling route linking Plymouth and TavistockThe Drake's Trail

The Drake's Trail is a network of walking and cycling trails between Tavistock and Plymouth.
The routes link places which featured in the life of well-known Elizabethan seafarer Sir Francis Drake.
At the same time, cyclists and walkers can appreciate the rich natural history and towns and villages
of West Devon.

Graphic Words had undertaken the initial feasibility study for the Trail, and suggested route options
and a project development path.

Drakes Trail logo developed by Graphic Words


Once work on the Trail was under way, we were asked to develop
a logo for the Trail, which appears on route markers, and to assist
in creating a "Drake's Trail" pack of leaflets promoting and
describing the routes. Leaflets from the Drakes Trial information pack, designed and printed by Graphic Words



The Drake's Trail information pack, designed and printed by Graphic Words Alongside an A3 leaflet introducing the Trail and mapping the main route,
we also designed and printed four A4 leaflets describing circular
"spur routes" from the main trail for walkers, and two A4 "spur route"
leaflets for cyclists.

The set of seven leaflets was distributed to outlets packaged in
a protective PVC sleeve.


"Spur roue" map from the Drake's Trail information pack, created by Graphic Words

For each of the A4 leaflets we created a detailed map of the "spur route",
showing directions and points of interest. Further interpretation is available
as a series of podcast downloads from a central website, and the location
to which each podcast is connected is shown on the map.
The podcasts were developed and produced in a project led by Aune Head Arts.




Drakes Trail Summer events guide, August 2009, designed and printed by Graphic Words.Subsequently, in July and August 2009, a series of events - offering guided cycling,
guided walking and nordic walking on parts of the Trail - were held to encourage use
of the facility, and Graphic Words produced leaflets to distribute information about
these events.




Copies of the Drake's Trail leaflets in PDF format - and the podcasts - can be downloaded
from the Trail website -


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Misty morning in the Tamar Valley, between Devon and Cornwall
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