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Recycling at West Devon Borough Council

Vehicle liveries reflecting the Recycling message, designed for West Devon Borough Council

Waste and Recycling Service Guide for West Devon Borough Council
Over recent years, we have been working with the
team at West Devon Borough Council on a number of projects,
to deliver a comprehensive programme promoting the recycling message to their clients.

Drawing on branding from WRAP - the Government's Waste and Resources Action Programme - and incorporating their nationally recognised imagery, we have designed a range of print, display materials and vehicle liveries, wich provide a total package with major local impact.


Some of the print materials produced for the West Devon recycling team.We designed and laid out a range of print items - including two editions of the eye-catching Waste and Recycling Service Guide, pictured above, which featured an innovative cut and fold. Further print includes leaflets to inform about the Food Waste recycling scheme in the Borough, flyers advertising the Garden Waste and thick card collection service and showing service dates, and other printed materials.




Pull up display panel produced for the West Devon Borough Council recycling team.

One of a series of pull up dsiplay panels produced for the West Devon Borough Council recycling team.In addition to conventional print, we also designed and supplied a range of pull-up display panels, printed on weatherproof vinyl for external use. Prominent use of the nationally-recognised graphic images, alongside succinct and clear text, helped to ensure that the recycling message is instantly recognised and easily understood.

Graphic Words assisted with the design for promotional items - including cloth and hessian carrier bags and recycled plastic pens - which were used as part of the campaign.

We have also designed advertisements for use in the local press.



Tie on labels for Green Waste collection advisory notices, produced by Graphic words


More specialised print has included self-adhesive advisory labels for use by by
local waste and recycling collection crews. We also produced another specialised
type of "tie on" label, shown on the right, which was printed on weatherproof
material, and used to advise householders of problems with their green waste
collection. These labels were designed to be tied around the handles of green
waste sacks, avoiding the need for adhesives and making them easy to attach
and remove.



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