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Graphic Words offers a wide range of other services and products, including:

Corporate Identity and Branding

We have designed and developed logos and brand identities for a range of public and private sector clients.

Working with our clients, we develop a logo from a basic concept into artwork which can be used across a range of applications - from business stationery and print to display signage, vehicle liveries and corporate clothing. Contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Some examples of logos and corporate identities designed by Graphic Words

Some examples of logos and identities created by Graphic Words

Contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

We are also experienced in working within the identity guidelines of larger organisations who wish to maintain their branding - for example, working with West Devon Borough Council's recycling team on a range of projects within the national WRAP (the Government's Waste and Resources Action Programme - click here for more details.

Some examples of our corporate identity and branding work:

The Drake's Trail Food Dreckly West Devon Borough Council
Recycling Services

Website Design and Management

Graphic Words offers a customised website design and development service to a wide range of clients.

Our websites include those for individual businesses - such as DrainTech South West and Tidwell Manor - to organisations such as the Budleigh Salterton Tourist Information Centre and much larger sites, which can incorporate extensive searchable databases of supporting documentation and background information - such as the National Association for AONBs (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty).

Other options allow the inclusion of secure, password-protected pages on the site ("members' areas"), an online discussion forum, or large "online reference libraries" of important documentation.

Several of the sites we have developed for our clients are based on WORDPRESS. This popular and versatile system is quickly learned and allows clients to have full in-house control of their site's content. In addition, Wordpress offers blogging facilities to allow visitors to your site to comment and share ideas together, adding a new dimension to your online capabilities.

Website Maintenance:
If you wish, you can leave the maintenance and updating of your site to us... either on an "ad hoc" basis, as required, or setting up a contract for regular maintenance and updating work.

Contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Some examples of Graphic Words' websites:
DrainTech South West
Budleigh Salterton TIC
Lew Trenchard C of E
Primary School website

Interactive CD Presentations

Interactive CD of Tavistock Musuem display panels created by Graphic Words - click here to see moreWe can assist clients in developing CD-based presentations of information, products
and services. This medium offers greatly enhanced flexibility over conventional print.

A CD presentation can offer both a structured approach, (for example, leading a
new user through the stages of an "induction course") and "browsable" facility,
allowing users to precisely identify the information of most importance to them.

The presentation can incorporate sophisticated graphics, animation, sound and
video clips. It can offer a choice of languages in which to view the information,
and can include elements such as tests and games, helping to hold the user's attention.

If you think that an interactive CD might be the answer to your communications needs,
contact us
to discuss your ideas. Powerpoint presentation created for Victoria Ports group by Graphic words

Working with Powerpoint?
We also offer assistance in developing MS "Powerpoint" presentations - which can be used
in front of an audience or copied to CD for distribution as self-running presentaions.




Photograph Retouching, restoration and enhancement

Historic photograph ofTavistock's fire engine, digitally hand-tinted by Graphic WordsOur work in designing for print and interpretation or
display panels often involves digital editing of photographs
and images, so we are experienced in a wide range of
image editing techniques.

We offer a range of services to help you get the best from your important pictures:

  • Restoration
  • Colouring
  • Cut out images
  • Composites

Find out more about our image editing services here.


Photograph repair and

Research, Writing and editing

We have experience of undertaking research for clients on a wide range of topics, particularly in the
fields of tourism and countryside management.

We work carefully with our clients to establish an initial brief and precisely identify their information
requirements, and have experience of undertaking extensive research projects - both "desk based",
and carrying out surveys and interviews of key stakeholders in a project.

Where in-house resources are unavailable, we have extensive experience allowingus to assist our clients
in writing and editing text for publication - in print or on the internet. We are also experienced in
extracting key information from documents for use in displays and interpretation panels.

For larger companies, we have used board and management reports to compile text content for
corporate annual reports.

To learn more about our experience, or to discuss a project you are considering, please contact us.

Low lying winter mist in the Tamar Valley
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