Jun 222017

Interpretationpanel for Wheaql Tom mine, by Graphic Words of Tavistock

Wheal Tom, Deer Park Farm, LuckettGraphic Words was commissioned to produce an interpretation panel at the Wheal Tom site, on Deer Park Farm near Luckett in Cornwall, working with the project partners: the local farmer; Natural England; the Cornwall and West Devon Mining World Heritage Site, and the Cornwall Council Strategic Historic Environment Team.

Using materials supplied, and undertaking further research as required, we compiled copy and sourced images for the panel. To help visitors interpret the site, we commissioned local artist Jane Stanley to paint a detailed reconstruction of the site during its brief heyday in 1852. (The site is a fine example of the over-ambitious claims and aspirations of speculators in the area during the mid-19th century. Attracting investors with claims of huge profits to be made, the mine was built, a deep shaft sunk and a steam engine installed in 1851-2; but there is no evidence that any significant volume of ore was ever extracted, and the Wheal Tom Tin and Copper mining Company ceased operations only three years after it had started up.)

Wheal Tom interpretation board by Graphic Words of TavistockThe custom-sized (1040 x 600mm) interpretation panel was mounted in a bespoke cairn built of local stone, at a location next to the consolidated remains of the engine and boiler houses.

Wheal Busy and Wheal Tye:

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