Jul 092021

Interpretation panels in exhibition room at the Garden House, created by Graphic Words of Tavistock
Interpretation board by Graphic Words of Tavistock for the display room at the Garden HouseGraphic Words was commissioned to supply series of large display panels for a new interpretation room at the Garden House, near Buckland Monachorum.

The panels cover the history and development of the gardens, tracing the site’s history from 1305 to the present, through documents, photographs and contemporary quotations.

Each of the 9 panels is 1400mm tall, with most being 2000mm in width. They are printed on aluminium composite board and wall mounted around the room. Spot lights on tracks in the centre of the room provide illumination for the panels when required.

Above the fireplace, a large screen can be used both for talks and presentations or to display a series of images of the garden throughout the seasons, complementing the panels.

Subsequently, Graphic Words was commissioned to design, lay out and print a book to complement the displays, supplying further information and photographs explaining the garden’s development – see “The Garden House Story” .